Are Activity Trackers Worth It?

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As noted above, the job fitness trackers do best is counting your steps- but they're not the only tool that can do it.... Although pedometers are great at counting steps, they can't do anything else. You can't use a pedometer to measure your heart rate, count calories burned, or monitor your sleep.

How to make activity books for children?

How to Make Activity Books for Children- Constructing the Activity Book

  • Decide the size of your book.
  • Create coloring pages by tracing other images.
  • Write final drafts of the content.
  • Create a cover and a title page.
  • Print computer-generated content.

  • Can you make good bouncy balls?

    Yes, you can make your own homemade bouncy balls for awesome science, chemistry, sensory play, and anytime activity with the kiddos. Bursting with color and glitter, this DIY bouncy ball recipe hits the nail on the head for a must-try slime making activity.

    Fitness Trackers: Do They Really Work?

    Full post: | Fitness trackers are devices that track our calories our steps our heartrate and more.

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