They explained to me that, Amazon. com and Zeeberry. com are the two distributors that sell their bracelets. They said, the Alex and Ani Zodiac signs, and Initial bracelets some are older models (so to speak) and don’t have the Alex & Ani stamp on the back, but are real, and not a fake.

What are Alex and Ani bracelets made of?

What are Alex and Ani Bracelets Made Of. Its designer made use of recycled aluminum while other creations have been made in the US. These bracelets are featuring charms for grandmother, mom and daughter. All of these bangles and bracelets have made up of Russian silver and gold.

How do you clean Alex and Ani bracelets?

How to Clean Alex and Ani Bracelets.

  • Supplies. Alex And Ani Bracelet. NOTE- warm water is for washing, cool water is for rinsing.
  • Fill sink with water. While the water is still running, squeeze some soap in there.
  • The water should end up looking like this.
  • Now, allow bracelets to soak in the water while we prep our…

  • Can you shower with Alex and Ani bracelet?

    Here’s how to care for beaded Alex and Ani bracelets. *1. ) always store your bracelets on something round while you aren’t wearing them…. always take your bracelets off before showering, swimming, using abrasive cleaners, and applying beauty products.

    What is Alex and Ani bracelet?

    Alex and Ani Fashion Bracelets. Alex and Ani fashion bracelets offer a unique way to express yourself with each element of each bangle bracelet hand-chosen to represent an important part of your life or a person you love. This company was founded in Rhode Island in 2004 and donates 20% of its profits to charity.

    How To Clean Alex And Ani Silver Bracelets. It Really Works.

    Cleaning tarnish out of your alex and ani silver bracelets #alexandani #silvercleaning #Tarnishfree.

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