Are Birks Diamonds GIA Certified?

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Birks does not have the widest selection of settings but their quality is impeccable, both when it comes to settings and to diamonds. We looked at two diamonds in a solitaire setting.... The second diamond we saw was a gorgeous 1. 01 I VS2 excellent cut for C$15,000. Nov 6, 2017

Does Birks still sell flatware?

You can ‘t buy Birks cutlery at Birks stores anymore. The storied Montreal-based jewelry chain- now known as Maison Birks- has refocused its operations under new president Jean-Christophe Bedos, discontinuing the sale of sterling-silver flatware as of this year.

Does Birks buy Jewellery?

Birks offers a variety of financing plans with the Birks credit card. Advantages include complimentary jewelry cleaning, a gift certificate on your birthday, a subscription to our 1879 magazine, as well as updates on our special events and offers. You may apply online or at any of our Birks store locations.

What is Birks sterling silver?

Birks Sterling Silver Flatware:... Birks made a wide range of pieces and patterns over the years, all of which are discontinued. Birks started making sterling flatware in the 1890s and some of their patterns were in production for generations.

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