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Are Enhanced Diamonds Worth It?

by @ 4:50 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Extremely Rare

Advanced technology nowadays has enabled the jewelry industry to improve the visual appearance of lower grade diamonds by the process of laser drilling or fracture filling. This practice is referred to as “clarity enhanced “…. The cost of treated diamonds should be at least 50% less than a natural diamond.

Are enhanced diamonds bad?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural earth mined diamonds that are altered from their natural state to give them more brilliance. This allows you to get a larger stone with just as much brilliance but at half the cost. Enhanced diamonds are syntactic diamonds that are grown in a lab; they are not a real diamonds.

Does GIA certify enhanced diamonds?

However, not all treatments automatically exclude a diamond from being graded. The GIA will complete reports for any loose diamond that has undergone HPHT treatment or laser drilling…. Because you cannot get a GIA report for most enhanced diamonds, it’s always recommended to purchase a natural stone.

What is enhanced blue diamond?

Enhanced blue diamonds are natural diamonds that have undergone color enhancement treatments…. These treatments are typically permanent and do not damage the diamond’s chemical structure. Untreated, natural blue diamonds can be found, but they are extremely rare.

Can you tell if a diamond has been clarity enhanced?

Never hesitate to ask if any diamond has been clarity enhanced. Here are a few ways to tell if clarity enhancement treatment has been used on a diamond. Fracture filled diamonds may often appear flawless when viewed from the top. However, they exhibit a streak of colored light known as the flash effect.

Is a Tiffany diamond worth the money?

The most important, for Tiffany, is the Cut as they only sell diamonds with Excellent Cut Grades. This alone is part of the reason their diamonds are worth it…. They take pride in their diamonds and want only the most luxurious. They boast that 99. 96% of the world’s gem grade diamonds are rejected.

Are opals worth more than diamonds?

In fact, high-quality emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all rarer in nature than diamonds…. However, there are a few interesting gemstones that are so rare, so lovely, and so desired that they are worth more than diamonds per carat.

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