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Are Tacori Rings Good Quality?

by @ 3:45 am on February 20, 2020. Filed under Engagement Ring

All things considered, Tacori engagement rings really do stand out from the crowd. Yes, you will pay a premium price for their pieces, however, in terms of quality, finish, beauty, and aesthetics, the brand has proven that this premium is well worth it.

Is tacori a good engagement ring?

Tacori is a popular bridal jewelry company for good reasons. The higher prices can be attributed to the higher level of quality you will be receiving. Each Tacori ring is individually hand-made in the United States and you also get a lifetime service and maintenance on your purchase.

Is tacori overpriced?

Tacori Design is beautiful but BEWARE They are expensive rings, but Tacori is not a reputable jeweler for the money.

Is tacori real diamonds?

Thanks to their unique craftsmanship and individual designs, Tacori are true artisans when it comes to bridal jewelry. Over the past four decades, Tacori have been lovingly handcrafting rings in their design studio in California, USA.

What is Tacori diamond?

Tacori Engagement rings feature the iconic diamond crescent design. Each engagement ring is perfectly handcrafted by our artisans in California and are custom made for your Tacori Girl. The details in a Tacori ring creates stunning beauty from every angle, making each ring sparkle like your love for one another.

What is tacori known for?

Tacori is one of the most famous and trusted brands in the world of jewelry. Tacori jewelry is unique in its designs as it is a combination of classic elegance and modern inspiration to finally provide its customers with high-quality and magnificent pieces of jewelry.

How much does a Tacori engagement ring cost?

According to the Diamond Registry, a 1. 5 carat D color SI1 round diamond will cost around $10,890. So the total price for the Simply Tacori engagement rings in platinum (excluding tax) would be around $14,300 (with tax you’re looking at over $15,000).

Are Tacori rings real diamonds?

Virtually every Tacori engagement ring is sold as a semi-mount, meaning that the smaller accent gemstones are set, but the center diamond is not. This leaves you with the most options for creating the ring of your dreams! You can choose the shape and size of your center stone.

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