Customers often contact us when their favorite piece broke and ask: can Murano Glass can be repaired?
When an article made of Murano glass breaks, the only way to fix it at home is to glue it together. Gluing may work if the item has a smooth break line and broke into only two or three pieces as opposed to many small ones.

Where are Murano glass beads made?

Handmade and Handworked Sculpted Murano Glass Beads, Made in Murano, Italy Handmade and Handworked Sculpted Murano Glass Beads, Made in Murano, Italy- These are the ultimate in blown beads and in techniques which combine a little of the tradition of Murano. They are mouthblown using the famous Murano mosaic canes which can

How to identify genuine Murano glass?

How do I know if a Murano Glass item is genuine?

  • Look at the item itself (or its photos if buying online).
  • Look for labels, markings or signatures.
  • Look at what else comes with the item.
  • Look at the seller.
  • Look at the assortment of Murano glass products the seller offers.

  • What makes Murano glass special?

    Murano glass is glass in a chemical sense of the word but it is created using unique precious metals, ancient methods and tools and then hand-crafted or blown to create a beautiful work of art.

    How do you identify Murano glass beads?

    If you have a sensible eye you can recognize them, or ask the seller to show you. Look at the colours vividness: few Murano Glass items are transparent, usually they are colored, bright colored. Look at the natural imperfections of the glass, and you will discover the hidden hand of the master.

    Is UNO 50 real silver?

    The Uno de 50 Jewelry line si made with an exclusive alloy metal that is silver plated with 15-25 microns of silver. The components are often combined with leather, handmade resins, Murano glass, Swarovski glass, shell pearls and cotton threads to give each piece a very special handmade texture.

    What are chamilia beads actually made of?

    Their beads are made from solid Sterling silver, 14k gold, colored stones, Swarovski Crystals, and Murano glass, and new designs are introduced on a regular basis. They have a (very popular) special Disney collection, as well as the Cause series, which supports several different charities.

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