Opal can be worn as finger rings/pendants made of silver, platinum, gold/white gold or Panchdhatu. Opal gemstone must be worn on Friday morning of Shukla Paksh (waxing moon) in the middle or ring finger of your right hand. One can wear his/her ring daily for getting astrological benefits.

Who should wear opal stone?

Opal should be worn in Silver or any white metal alloy like White Gold and Platinum. Opal should be worn in index finger on Friday. Opal gemstone should be properly activated, energized and purified for best results.

Can you shower with opal jewelry?

It is strongly recommended that you do not experiment by immersing these opals in water or other liquids or oils ( this includes washing hands or taking a shower with your opal jewelry on) since contamination can occur, leaving residues within the opal. Apr 6, 2017

What can you do with an opal?

Opal Care and Cleaning Guide. Opals can be treated by impregnation with oil, wax, or plastic, and by surface modifications called sugar treatment and smoke treatment. The only safe way to clean opal is with warm, soapy water. With proper care, opal jewelry will provide years of enjoyment.

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