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Can You Mix And Match Silver And Gold Jewelry?

by @ 4:38 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver

The big question of mixing gold and silver jewelry in one outfit- The answer is yes…. So having this in mind you must make sure you mix your jewelry in the right way. It was once a rule not to mix metals but now that fashion law is over!- there is, however, no need to overstep the mark.

Does a rose gold watch go with everything?

A watch does not have to be part of a complete look to be appreciated…. To answer your question, no, rose- gold watches will not pair well with a silver belt buckle. It’s quite simple: Match metals and match leathers. And never, ever wear a rubber strap with a suit, unless the suit is made of neoprene.

Does white gold have 925 on it?

925 is a hallmark for sterling silver.Well, if gold jewelry has a 925 stamp it means that the actual metal of the jewelry is sterling silver that’s plated in gold. To summarize: 925 gold is not solid gold, but is actually sterling silver with gold plating.

Is Italy 925 real gold?

Gold jewelry marked 925 is most likely gold plating on a silver core. A ” 925 ” mark can be found on gold vermeil, (pronounced ver-may)…. You will sometimes see sterling silver jewelry stamped with the term 925, which means its 92. 5 percent Silver and its a product of Italy. Mar 5, 2019

Should I wear gold or silver jewlery?

You, lucky people, look good in both white metals and yellow metals, so you are free to mix and match gold and silver jewellery. Most people fall somewhere between warm and cool. The skin tone rule is really just a guideline; your personality and style are the most important factors.

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