Unfortunately, most people out there are still buying their diamond rings in bricks & mortar jewelry stores. Let’s also assume the best case scenario within the subset of physical jewelry stores- the small independent (not part of a chain) jeweler that only sells GIA certified diamonds.

Does Kay Jewelers engrave rings?

Kay Jewelers have also launched a range of engraving rings and other diamond jewelry pieces that can be engraved with a special message that the customer wants to express to the person they are handing the jewelry over to. The engraving service offered by Kay Jewelers has become quite popular amongst their customers.

Where is the best place to buy wedding rings?

Top 10 Places to Buy Bridal Rings

  • Blue Nile. Blue Nile stands as the Internet’s largest diamond retailer.
  • Kay Jewelers. Kay Jewelers has been in business since 1916, giving the company the advantage…
  • Overstock. While bridal rings might not initially come to mind when you think of Overstock.com,…
  • Goldspeed. If price is of significant concern for you…

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