As a result, color is the most important factor when shopping for a citrine. The most desirable color of a citrine is a rich brownish orange color with semi-transparency, similar to the color of amber. It also resembles the pricier yellow diamond and yellow topaz.

Why would a diamond look yellow?

This is caused by certain minerals in the diamond…. BUT in diamonds with lower color grades (I and lower), fluorescence can actually improve the color! The blue counteracts the slight yellow tint and improves the face-up color. Usually, it can appear one color grade whiter.

Does H color diamond look yellow?

Technically, H color diamonds are not colorless. They have a trace of color, usually yellow, which has an effect on pricing if not much else. H diamonds can retail for up to 40% less than a D color diamond, despite looking identical to the naked eye.

What color diamond is the cheapest?

Of all the fancy diamond color groups, yellow is by far the most common, and therefore the least expensive. However, the ‘canary’ yellow colors still represent less than 0. 1% of all gem-quality diamonds. Blue diamonds, second only to red in terms of their rarity, are caused by boron impurities in the stone.

Is an I color diamond too yellow?

This color is almost always going to be yellow. Other colors do occur in diamonds, but yellow tint accounts for almost all non-white stones. In general everyday wear, it is very difficult to spot any tint in most diamonds.

K Color Diamond Engagement Ring Is Faint Yellow Too Yellow?

For more details on what a K color diamond is visit: On the GIA color grading scale the …

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