Cremation diamonds are different than custom jewelry because they are made entirely from a person’s ashes. To make the diamond, ashes are placed in a metal container and heated to over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In this heat, everything but the carbon oxidizes. The carbon is heated until it turns to graphite.

What happens to jewelry during cremation?

Metal jewellery and the nails which hold the coffin together are non-combustible and therefore will not be broken down during the cremation process…. Since the jewellery is non-salvageable and won’t form part of the ashes, it’s advisable to separate it from the deceased before the cremation.

How is cremation diamond jewelry made?

Cremation diamonds are then made using a patented process where specialists heat the ashes to high temperatures. Before carbon is extracted, the human ashes are purified at high temperatures. The purification process converts carbon to graphite to create a one-of-a-kind diamond.

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