Click on any of your pictures you want to see Insights for. 2. A little bookmark icon will show on the right hand side. The number next to it is the number of people who have saved your posts.

Can someone see if you search for them on Instagram?

The answer: yes and no. With standard Instagram posts, there’s no way to track who’s looking at your posts or visiting your profile. One sort-of exception: You can see the amount of views on a video or Boomerang post, but Instagram won’t reveal who exactly interacted with them, only how many people did.

How do people get popular on Instagram?

How to Get Popular on Instagram

  • Method 1 Getting More Followers. Set your profile to public.
  • Method 2 Keeping Your Followers. Pick a theme for your page and stick to it.
  • Method 3 Getting More Likes. Post at the right time of day.
  • Method 4 Taking Better Pictures. Take a variety of pictures. Diversity is key.
  • How To Check Who Is Checking My Profile On Instagram [Simplest Way]

    How to check who is checking My profile on Instagram – Officially social media websites do not allow to check who have checked …

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