How Do I Make A Lanyard?

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How to Make Lanyards- Weaving a Diamond Braid Lanyard

  • Cut two equal lengths of material.
  • Secure your lanyard hook.
  • Thread both strands through your lanyard hook.
  • Pull the right-most strand.
  • Pull the left-most strand.

  • How to make a paracord wrist lanyard using the cobra weave?

    How to Make a Paracord Wrist Lanyard Using the Cobra Weave

  • Gather Supplies.
  • Find the Center of the Length of Cord.
  • Making the Knots.
  • Continue Knotting Until You Reach About 8 Full Knots.
  • Trim the Excess Cord and Melt the Ends.

  • How to make a work positioning lanyard?

    Work Positioning Lanyard, Adjustable

  • Attach the connectors to the attaching points on the harness designed for the attaching...
  • Attach both connectors to the same single belt buckle.
  • Attach the adjuster connector to the belt buckle and the rope connector to...
  • Attach the adjuster connector to the belt buckle and connect the second connector on...

  • How to make a “lanyard” out of plastic lacing!?

    Intro: How to Weave Plastic Lacing Crafts

  • What You Need:
  • Cut Two Equal Lengths of Lacing.
  • Lay Out Laces and Accessory.
  • Bend the Ends of ONE Lace Across the Center Point to the Opposite Side.
  • Fold the Ends of the Other Lace OVER the Loose Ends and UNDER the Loops Created by...

  • How To Start A Lanyard Box Stitch (Including Pictures)

    this tutorial I'll show how to make one of the most basic stitches there is in lanyards/scoubidou/gimp/boondoggle the box/square ...

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