6 Ways to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders

  • With glasses.
  • With coffee cups.
  • Tin cans.
  • With clothespins.
  • With yoghurt glasses.
  • With twigs or sticks.

  • How to decorate with candle wall sconces?

    How to Decorate With Candle Wall Sconces

  • Candle wall sconces are metal wall hangings featuring holders for one or several candles.
  • Make an impression.
  • Go for balance.
  • Call attention to frames.
  • Match it up.

  • How to make recycled tin can candle holders?


  • Glue the patterned paper to the tin cans;
  • Use the same patterned paper to decorate the clothespins;
  • Tie the cord around the tin cans and use glue to help secure the cord.
  • Hang the tin cans under the hanger and use clothespins to secure.
  • Place tea light candles inside the cans and the hanging candle holder is ready.
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