These other metals will tarnish if exposed to air and other chemicals. To clean gold, remove any oils or grime by mixing a few drops of mild dish soap and a drop of ammonia into a small bowl of warm water. Soak the item in the soapy water for one minute, and then rub the jewelry gently with your fingers.

Can you polish platinum?

Platinum takes more effort to polish, for the simple reason that it does not wear as other precious metals do ; consequently, it doesn’t follow the same metallurgical rules…. While a perfect polish is not possible on any metal- you ‘ll always see the scratches under magnification-it’s even tougher to achieve with platinum.

How to Polish gold plated?

How To Polish Gold Plated Watches

  • Make the watch dirt free with a wet cloth.
  • Rub the metal polish on the surface of gold plated watch with a clean cloth.
  • Remove the black particles of metal came off the surface.
  • Now apply some baby oil on the surface to remove micro abrasives and remaining metal particles.
  • At the end buff the watch with soft cloth.

  • How do I make metal look shiny again?

    How Can I Make Galvanized Metal Shiny Again?

  • Step 1. Fill a bowl with hot water and 1 tsp. of dish soap. Dip the brush into the soapy water and scrub down the galvanized metal with it to …
  • Step 2. Fill a bowl with a mixture of 1 cup baby powder and 2 cups milk. Dip the brush into the mixture and scrub the galvanized metal with it to …
  • Step 3. Dry the galvanized metal with a towel. Remove all the moisture on the metal.
  • Step 4. Place 1 tsp. of metal polish on a cloth and rub it onto the galvanized metal in small circles. Work the polish into the metal to protect …

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