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How Do You Warp A Bead Loom?

by @ 4:50 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Q&A

How do you work a loom?

Simple loomsA loom is any machine or device that holds the threads and helps you weave them. You stretch out one set of threads, the “warp”, parallel on the loom. Another thread, the “weft”, goes over and under the warp threads, back and forth, again and again, to create the woven fabric.

How do you finish a loom?

To finish on a simple frame loom, cut the warp threads off the top of the frame, tie the two warp threads together, then weave the ends in through the back of your weave. If you don’t want to finish your weave by tying off your warp ends, see my post on finishing with the hem stitch.

How do you finish a bead loom?

Adding and Finishing Thread for Bead Looming

  • From the left side of your project, run the needle through the end bead and pull the thread through….
  • Run the needle behind the second bead, under the last row of weft thread and the warp thread to the left, then up between the beads.
  • Pull the thread through until a small loop forms….
  • Pull the knot tight.
  • Warping A Bead Loom

    How to warp on a bead loom.

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