How to Identify Antique Jewelry

  • Identifying and appraising antique jewelry is a difficult task.
  • Purchase a 10-power magnification jeweler’s loupe, because this is the level of magnification used for grading.
  • Research hallmarks and other jeweler’s marks.
  • Research the history of the piece of jewelry in question.

  • Where can I find an antique appraiser?

    How to Find Free Local Antique Appraisals

  • Attend Appraisal Day at a Local Auction House.
  • Go to a Major Local Antique Show. Major antique shows are another great place to get free…
  • Attend a Visiting Appraisal Show. There are a couple of television shows that focus on valuation…
  • Ask Antique Shops and Auction Houses. Many antique stores…

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