How to Get a Jewelry Appraisal

  • Step. Hire a professional jewelry appraiser.
  • Ask your appraiser for credentials. Reputable jewelry appraisers should be accredited with…
  • Bring your jewelry in to the appraiser.
  • Expect to leave your jewelry with the appraiser.
  • Obtain an official appraisal when you pick up your jewelry.

  • Why should I get my jewelry appraised?

    By far, the most important reason is for insurance purposes. Over the years, the value of your jewelry and gemstones can fluctuate greatly…. That means you risk a substantial financial loss if your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged. For your protection, we recommend you have your jewelry appraised every two years.

    Where to have jewelry appraised?

    If you are in need of getting your diamond jewelry, colored gems, pearls, estate jewelry or new jewelry appraised, this find an appraiser feature will assist you. Gemworld International is located in Illinois, USA, but our find an appraiser site lists jewelry appraisers across the US, Canada, and in several other countries worldwide.

    What is the best way to get jewelry appraised?

    How to Get Jewelry Appraised

  • Method 1 Know What Information Should be Included in an Appraisal.
  • Method 2 Verify a Jewelry Appraiser’s Credentials. Look for both gemological and appraisal education.
  • Method 3 Find a Jewelry Appraiser through a Professional Organization.

  • Where can I get my jewelry appraised?

    How to Get Jewelry Appraised- Find a Jewelry Appraiser through a Professional Organization

  • Contact the American Gem Society to find an appraiser in your area.
  • Find a jewelry appraiser who is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.
  • Look for certification from the American Society of Appraisers.

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