A briolette is an elongated pear-shaped gemstone cut with facets, and it is often drilled to hang as a bead. It was popular during the Victorian times. The Smithsonian has a 275-carat (55.0 g) diamond briolette necklace presented by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811 to his Empress consort Marie Louise.

How do you tie the perfect bow on a dress?

The Secret to Tying a Perfect Sash Bow

  • 2. Make the first twist tie….
  • 3. Make a loop with the bottom (blue) tail.
  • Cross the top tail (pink) over the blue loop and wrap it around.
  • Push the pink tail through the wrapped hole behind the blue loop; pull.
  • Tighten bow knot, adjust size of loops, and spread loops to fluff.
  • How To Make A Briolette Wrapped Loop

    http://www.firemountaingems.com/jewelry-making-instructions.asp See how easy it is to create professional jewelry using briolette …

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