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How To Make The Loudest Paper Popper?

by @ 4:37 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Q&A

The loudest popper was the simplest: the two-fold popper. This makes sense because it traps the greatest amount of air. To make one, start with a piece of typing paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Avoid setting the crease too hard. Loose folds facilitate paper movement making for louder pops.

How do you make a paper popper louder?

Beano Makes- Paper Popper

  • You will need: One sheet of paper.
  • Fold the paper in half, lengthways.
  • Fold each of the four corners into triangles.
  • Fold in half.
  • Fold the paper over, in half.
  • Do this on both sides.
  • It should look like this:
  • Pop it! Hold the paper from the bottom corner, and flick it to make a loud pop.
  • How To Make The Loudest Paper Popper

    Five different poppers tested to see which is the loudest and how to make the winner.

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