How to Style a Pendant Necklace

  • Method 1 Considering Your Body Type. Think about your height.
  • Method 2 Selecting an Accompanying Outfit. Wear a pendant with a turtleneck.
  • Method 3 Adding Accessories. Keep other accessories minimal.

  • Are pearl necklaces still in style?

    Pearl necklaces are classic and never go out of style. Pearls have been around since Roman times and fashion icons like Coco Chanel have always worn pearls.

    Are lariat necklaces in style?

    Lariat necklaces are unique pieces of jewelry. They do not have a clasp or traditional closure like other necklaces. Instead, a lariat is fastened by threading one end through the other, or by tying a knot in the jewelry itself. Aside from those basic techniques, there are many other creative ways to style a lariat.

    What is a charm bail?

    This small sterling silver bail is made especially for charms…. Simply remove the jump ring from your charm, slip the charm onto the open ring of the bail and close the ring. Try sliding your pendant onto one of our rubber, satin, or leather necklaces for a quick and easy project you’ll finish in a jiffy.

    Diy Chain & Charm Necklaces

    This video shows how you can make these easy DIY necklaces. They are really easy and you can customize it to look however …

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