In general, employees would consider wearing cuff links when meeting with clients or other important figures, or when attending formal work-related events, such as conferences. While there is no hard and fast rule, people should wear cuff links in work-related settings when they are conducting business with the outside world.

How do you do a French cuff?


  • Pull on your French cuff shirt. To wear and fasten a French cuff shirt, start by pulling on the shirt and allowing the cuff flaps on each arm to spread over your hands….
  • Fold the cuff flaps back. Now fold back the cuffs on each side, making sure each cuff’s buttonholes align….
  • Fasten the cuffs.
  • May 1, 2019

    How to put on an ear cuff?

    Part 1 Placing the Ear Cuff

  • Slip the cuff onto the upper ear in front of a mirror.
  • Hold the ear taut. Use one hand to hold the skin and cartilage of the ear taut.
  • Slide the cuff down and inward. Use your other hand to carefully slide the ear cuff down…
  • Check the fit. The ear cuff should rest securely on the rim of…

  • Can you wear French cuffs without a jacket?

    The answer is simple. Yes. Whether you are going out on Friday night, or to work on Monday morning, you can wear French cuffs. A French cuff dress shirt actually follows the same rules and could be worn in the same places as a barrel cuff shirt. Sep 3, 2015

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