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Is Alibaba A Safe Place To Buy From?

by @ 4:36 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Q&A

In short, Alibaba is no longer a safe place to look for suppliers. The reason is most of the vendors in alibaba are resellers and traders. They are good at marketing so it’s easy for you to find them. They have caused lots of issues in frauds and scams and is alibaba safe actually has become a concerns to lots of importers.

How to order off Alibaba?

How to Order from Alibaba in 3 Steps

  • Sourcing products on Alibaba.com.
  • Contact suppliers, request quotations and order samples.
  • Place your order.

  • Can I buy from Alibaba for personal use?

    Usually they do not sell small quantity directly to personal consumers. But you can try to find product/supplier and negotiate with supplier whether it works. Also, you could search on Alibaba Wholesale Market or Aliexpress.com, both platforms are wholesale marketplaces for personal buyers where you will be protected with safe payment online.

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