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Is Opal A Good Wedding Ring?

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For an engagement or wedding ring, you’ll probably want a cut and polished “boulder” stone. An oval cabochon allows the colors to show from a variety of angles. A solid cabochon opal (a one-piece or boulder stone) is tough enough to wear all the time- the expense of a good quality stone and a topnotch jeweler is insurance that your enchanting opal won’t be too fragile to enjoy.

Can anyone wear an opal ring?

YES, You can wear opal gemstone every day once it is studded in a ring or a pendant. Opal is the birthstone for October born people. If you want to wear it regularly you should also keep it clean and maintained. May 3, 2018

What to use to clean an opal ring?

How to Clean Opal Rings

  • Wipe the opal with a soft facial tissue to remove surface dirt, dust and grime.
  • Pour ?
    cup of lukewarm water into a bowl…
  • Dip a soft toothbrush into the soapy solution and gently scrub the opal.
  • Rinse any soap residue from the opal by wiping it gently…
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