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Is Pink Sea Glass Rare?

by @ 4:50 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Hong Kong

Somewhat Rare To Rare Sea Glass. These colors are not in wide use today so there is no new source for them…. While the most common source for this lovely shade of light green glass was most likely an old Coco Cola bottle made in various parts of the country. The shades vary depending on the silica that was used.

What is the world’s most expensive gem?

Rare ‘Pink Star’ diamond is now the most expensive gemstone in the world : $71. 2 million. A rare pink diamond known for its oval shape and vividly pink hue became the most expensive gemstone ever sold at an auction on Tuesday, fetching a record sale price of $71. 2 million in Hong Kong. Apr 4, 2017

Beachcombing Magazine Pink Sea Glass

Beautiful photos of pink sea glass submitted by the readers of Beachcombing Magazine. Subscribe at …

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