What Are Cobalt Rings?

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Cobalt rings are made from a unique alloy blend that consists of cobalt and other substances to offer a bright white alternative metal. It will never need plating and is so white it is often compared to platinum in color. This metal is bio-inert, making it compatible to the body.

Can a cobalt ring be cut off?

Cobalt. It can be sized slightly without cutting into the ring. The weights of cobalt rings are very similar to the weight of gold rings. Cobalt does not contain harmful alloys and as of today does not cause any allergic reactions. Unlike titanium and tungsten carbide, cobalt can be cut off in emergency cases.
Reference: www.weddingbands.com/cobalt.asp

Is cobalt a good ring?

Pros and Cons of Cobalt Rings: Unlike other types of metal, cobalt is scratch resistant, tarnish resistant, and luster resistant, making it unnecessary to constantly be cleaning or “re-dipping” the ring. Because cobalt is extremely durable, it is a great choice for a ring that will be worn during work and play.

Is cobalt Ring safe?

Cobalt wedding rings are very safe as the tensile strength makes it nearly impossible to bend our rings out-of-round in an accident of any type, your finger is almost always protected from laceration. Furthermore, the ring, while significantly harder to cut off, can still be removed by jewelers or emergency responders.

Is cobalt used to make jewelry?

Cobalt is a transition metal, similar to metals such as tungsten, platinum or silver. Cobalt, in its pure form, cannot be used in jewelry. As a result, cobalt is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger, more malleable and more wearable. Cobalt used in jewelry is often alloyed with metals such as chromium, tungsten and iron.

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