Interesting Facts about the Earth’s Crust

  • Hot but cold. The Earth’s crust, at its deepest points, can reach temperatures…
  • Thickest parts of the crust are under mountains.
  • Plate Tectonics. This theory states that the Earth’s outer crust is divided into 15 major plates…
  • Composition of the Earth’s crust. Earth’s crust is made…

  • What are facts about Tie Dye?

    About Tie-Dye

  • The Facts. Tie-dye is a type of dyed textile that has certain associations.
  • Features. Tie-dye is usually very brightly-colored.
  • History of. Tie-dye boomed back into prevalence in the late 1960s.
  • Invented. The tie-dye practice has been around since ancient times.
  • Significance. Tie-dye is still a practice taught to new generations. People…

  • What are facts about Qatar?

    Facts about Qatar

  • Geography of Qatar.
  • Population of Qatar.
  • Government.
  • Economy. Qatar is in the midst of an economic boom supported by its expanding production of natural gas and oil.
  • Structure Of The Earth: Crust, Mantle And Core

    Geography Grade 9: Plate Tectonics.

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