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What Are Lampwork Beads Used For?

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Lampwork is a type of glasswork used to create smaller glass objects using a fixed directional flame to melt the glass, whilst using lampworking tools and gravity to shape the piece.

How to choose glass beads?


  • 1. Visit a local bead store and look for their glass bead section. There will be a lot of glass beads, as they are the most common and easily …
  • Size- from tiny to large, match the size to suit your project.
  • Color- there will an enormous range of choice of colors.
  • Shape- round, donut shaped with a hole, oval, heart shaped, animal shaped, cylinder, triangular, cubes, hex cuts, bugle, etc.
  • Weight- ensure that the bead weight can be supported in the project you’re doing.
  • 2. Check out lampwork glass beads. Lampwork glass beads are in a category of their own. Lampwork beads are made by hand and each one is unique as …

  • How do you make lampwork beads?

    How to Make a Lampwork Glass Bead Necklace

  • Materials and Tools:
  • steel mandrels coated with bead release….
  • Steps:
  • Dip approximately 40, 3/32-inch steel mandrels in bead release….
  • Turn on the kiln and the minor burner torch.
  • Slowly heat the mandrel.
  • Melt and slowly wrap molten glass around the mandrel in a round shape.

  • How do you package jewelry?

    Secure Jewelry Safely A bubble mailer large enough for your product is essential. Then assemble all of your items together and consider using extra packaging such as tissue or more bubble wrap to secure the jewelry. A string of lampwork beads is going to need more packaging material around it than a metal charm.

    All About Lampwork Beads

    Hi there. In this video I’m going to tell you about lampwork beads. Just what they are and a little bit about how they’re made.

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