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What Are Side Cutters Used For In Jewellery Making?

by @ 5:24 am on November 11, 2020. Filed under Nose Pliers

Flush cutters are used for cutting regular, soft and half hard metal. The backs of the blades meet smoothly so they create a straight cut, while the fronts of the blades make an angled cut.

What are side cutters used for?

Side Cutters for Electronics Work Side cutters are used to cut wire and the leads (or legs) of components in electronics. They can also be used to strip the insulation from wire. The video below shows small electronic side cutters being used to strip the insulation from the wires of a battery clip. Aug 7, 2012

What are flush cutters?

< means level or straight and on the same plane, so flush cutters cut a wire level. Xuron Flush Cutters. Side cutters, or angle cutters, cut on an angle, meaning the wire edge will be cut to one side.

What are the different types of bolt cutters?

What are the different types of bolt cutters?

  • Centre cut bolt cutters. Bolt cutters with centre cut blades are a popular, multi-purpose option.
  • Clipper cut and angled bolt cutters. On clipper cut jaws, the upper faces…
  • Shear cut. Shear cut bolt cutters are the ideal tool for cutting through wire cable.
  • End cut. End cut jaws have the end…

  • What are the basic tools for jewelry making?

    5 Basic Jewelry Making Tools You Need to Get Started

  • Wire Cutters. Wire cutters allow you to cut headpins, eyepins and jewelry stringing wire….
  • Round Nose Pliers. Round nose pliers, as you can see, are rounded and perfect for making simple loops and other rounded wire elements….
  • Chain Nose Pliers….
  • Flat Nose Pliers….
  • Crimp Tool.
  • Jewellery Wire Cutters: Which Should You Choose?

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