7 Small Business Ideas for Teenagers & Kids

  • Social Media Consultant. As a teen growing up in the Internet age,…
  • Etsy Retailer. Do you know how to make awesome necklaces?
  • Babysitter. Babysitting is a great way to earn money because there are almost no start-up costs.
  • Kids’ Taxi Service. Parents are always stretched for time,…

  • How to come up with great business ideas?

    Follow These 4 Steps to Come Up With a Great Business Idea

  • Get your creativity flowing.
  • Consider the businesses you rely on in your daily life.
  • Think about problems you face.
  • Weed down your ideas.

  • What are some bucket list ideas for a crazy teenage?

    20 Most Interesting Bucket List Ideas For Teenagers.

  • 1.Go On A Road Trip. Call your pals, take a map and hit the road. The purpose of going on a road trip is to fill it with surprises and having fun …
  • 2.Gear Up For The Northern Lights.
  • 3.Go Scuba Diving.
  • 4.Invent Something.
  • 5.Get A Little Tattoo That Says A Lot.

  • How to brainstorm for business ideas?

    How to Brainstorm for New Business Ideas

  • Get some quiet. Although this is possibly the easiest concept to grasp,…
  • Find problems to solve. The whole point of a business is that you solve someone’s problem…
  • Keep your ear to the ground. While you should be following the advice above about people’s current…
  • The best brainstorm tip. Of course, out of all…

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