20 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks For Couples

  • Convince him your parents are coming to visit … for a whole month.
  • Create a crying, screaming scene in front of his friends after accusing him…
  • Get his boss to pretend to fire him.
  • Put a picture of one of those age projection simulations on his bathroom mirror in the morning.

  • What is good gift for couples?

    A good gift for an older couple would be pure copper water jugs and glasses. Drinking water from a copper bottle or a jug has a lot of health benefits. Drinking water from copper utensil can relieve the pains caused due to inflamed joints.

    What are couples rings?

    As the name suggests ‘ Couple’s Bands’, also referred to as ‘ Couple’s Rings ‘ are worn to show that you are a couple. They can signify that you are either engaged or married. Some couples who are dating also wear them. Wedding and engagement bands are very special for the couple as they are symbols of love and bonding.

    10 Easy Hilarious Pranks

    Check out my 10 easy lazy person pranks for April Fools Day! They involve clingfilm hiding fake spiders and many more laughs!

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