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What Are The Bad Things About Smoking Cigarettes?

by @ 4:35 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has banned smoking in government offices and most public places, including restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets and shopping centres. The ban includes smoking of water-pipes (or shishas), and prohibits selling tobacco to those under the age of 18…. It banned smoking in its airports last year.

What is the best drug to quit smoking?

Currently there are two main prescription medications that may be prescribed to help people quit smoking: Zyban and Chantix. Zyban (Bupropion) Bupropion is a prescription anti-depressant medication marketed under the brand names Wellbutrin (for depression) and Zyban (for smoking cessation).

Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

http://www.nucleushealth.com/ – This 3D medical animation created by Nucleus Medical Media shows the health risks of smoking …

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