Different anti-eyebrow piercing and jewelry used

  • Vertical anti-eyebrow piercing- This piercing is done in the vertical direction below the eye.
  • Horizontal anti-eyebrow piercing- In this type, the piercing jewelry is placed on the upper part…
  • Dermal anti-eyebrow piercing- Using micro-dermal anchors the piercing jewelry is inserted…

  • What is the best way to Trim your eyebrows?

    Take an eyebrow comb (or a clean toothbrush) and comb the hair straight up. Start from the bridge of your nose and move outward until you reach the end of your eyebrow. Use the comb as necessary to hold the hair in that position when you trim the hairs. Trim the hair with eyebrow or nail scissors.

    How to get an eyebrow piercing?

    Eyebrow piercing aftercare

  • Do not touch the pierced spot without washing your hands.
  • Clean the piercing regularly with a cotton ball soaked in warm saline water.
  • Rinse the pierced area thoroughly using a mild soap while taking a shower.
  • Use disposable paper towels to gently dry the piercing.
  • Avoid shaving or plucking the pierced eyebrow.
  • 50 Of The Most Amazing Eyebrow Piercing Designs

    Facial piercings are big business right now. And while a lot of people are getting piercings around their mouth much of the time …

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