Nickel is not only one of the most common metals used in joint implants, but it’s also the most common contact allergen in the U. S…. Studies to evaluate the nickel blood test are continuing, and soon researchers here hope to develop blood tests to other allergens, like cobalt and bone cement.

What does a nickel allergy look like?

Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when a red, itchy rash develops on skin that has touched an allergen. An allergy to nickel is among the most common causes of this reaction. Rashes often occur on the earlobes or wrists, because many earrings and watches contain nickel. Apr 4, 2018

Nickel Allergy – Nickel Allergic Reactions

Nickel allergy is the most common form of skin allergy. That’s simply because nickel is used in many everyday items which are …

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