Appropriate Gifts to give for a Christening include: a monetary gift in the child’s name. a photograph album (perhaps monogrammed with the baby’s name) an identification bracelet of gold or silver. cross and heart necklaces. earrings.

How much to gift for christening gift?

The standard amount of money to give as a generous gift for a baby’s christening is $50 USD. Monetary gifts in the form of a savings bond or investment certificate are just as appropriate as cash for modern baptisms. Smaller and non-monetary gifts are also acceptable.

What did you give Your godchild for their christening?

Other than cash, the most common gifts you can give to your godchild would be silver items. This may include anything from a silver cross pendant to a name plate with the baby’s name embossed on it. Often, the gift from a godparent is put on display in the house or in the baby’s room. This is why engraved silver item is an ideal gift.

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