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What Does A Silver Bracelet Represent?

by @ 1:09 am on May 26, 2020. Filed under Sterling Silver

The precious metal silver is said to symbolize many things. Known for its beauty, its antibacterial properties, malleability and relative affordability, silver has been widely used throughout the ages for functional and decorative objects as a symbol of purity, wealth, and thanks.

What does the number 925 on an old silver bracelet?

The “925” mark is a standard stamp for sterling silver, indicating that the jewelry is 92.5 percent silver. A gold bracelet with “925” stamped on it is a sterling silver bracelet that is gold-plated or gold vermeil, meaning that it is covered with a thin layer of gold on the outside.

Are Pandora bracelets real silver?

Nearly all sterling silver PANDORA jewelry is stamped with “S925. ” The “S” stands for silver and the numbers represent the silver purity in parts per thousand (92. 5% pure silver )…. For 14K jewelry, the stamp will read G585 (58. 5% pure gold). Jul 5, 2016

What does a silver chain represent?

It’s a relatively tough metal and so is indicative of strength- in the wearer, it can send messages of focus and strength of purpose. And whereas gold represents the sun, silver is associated with the moon: introspective and contemplative individuals may feel more of an association with silver jewellery, therefore.

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