What Is A Popcorn Chain?

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Popcorn Chain : A popcorn style is a lightweight, tubular chain with a beaded texture created by convex links. These chains have a puffed look to them which resembles a garland of popcorn. Rope Chain : A rope chain's links are twisted or looped together in a pattern that creates a look similar to that of a rope.

Are popcorn chains strong?

Popcorn Chains inherently are of a delicate nature and much of the reason because of how it has been crafted.... If you are looking for a very strong chain to go with a heavy pendant, then we'd suggest a more classic style with fortified links such as a Curb, Figaro, Rope or Belcher or Mariner Chain.

2.8mm Popcorn Chain

2.8mm Popcorn Chain. Available in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. Great all purpose chain for charms pendants or wire ...

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