Almost every gem variety has some especially rare specimens. The rarest varieties tend to be obscure and little-known. They include unusual gems like jeremjevite, grandidierite, cobaltocalcite, poudretteite, cuprite, kornerupine and painite. Facet-grade specimens are exceptionally rare and mainly found in small sizes.

Are brown diamonds rare?

“Blue diamonds and red diamonds are extremely rare,” he explained. “The most rare. ” True greens are also rare. But most diamonds are brown.

What makes something considered rare?

What makes something considered rare?
It comes down to supply. The value of something rare comes down to demand. And there’s the added imponderable of fame.

6 Gems And Minerals Much Rarer (And Cooler) Than Diamonds

No offense to that rock you may have on your finger but these gems and minerals are so hard to find they put most diamonds …

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