Chain maille is an ancient technique of linking of rings to form woven sheets of metal. The history of this technique creation is hazy, and theories range from Sumerian to Japanese, to Celtic origins. Chain maille as jewelry is a far more modern invention which find its roots in traditional armor.

What kind of jump rings for maille?

In the chain maille jump ring world, this means niobium, titanium and aluminum. I’ve already made this post long enough, so I’ll do a separate one for the base (i.e. non-precious) metals. See you later!

How are pliers used in jewelry making?

These pliers have flat jaws but are rounded on the outside of jaw. They are primarily used to bend and grip just about anything, are useful for attaching findings and are a wise investment if you like to bounce back and forth making different types of jewelry like wire work, chain maille and basic strung jewelry.

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