What Is Dot’s Real Name?

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Little Dot (real name Dorothy Polka) was a “one-note character” with a reliance on formulaic gags and repetitious images (i.e. Dot's dots). Her stories also involved a considerable amount of slapstick humor and domestic comedy.

What percentage does the real real take?

The site's “terms and conditions” stipulate that Real Real can discount anything placed for sale on the site by 20%- immediately. Thus, if you're selling a product that's, say, worth $200, that cuts your take by $40. They take another 50% commission on the remaining $160 sales price.

How can you tell if it's real silver?

?Use a neodymium magnet. Tilt object 45 degrees, place magnet on the tilted surface. If it slides down, it is real. If it sticks, it's fake because real silver is non-magnetic.

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