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What Is The Average Percentage For Consignment?

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Retailers who insist on a higher than typical consignment percentage and / or monthly shop fees make it quite tough for the craft artist to make a reasonable profit. In my own opinion, a 60/40 split is a fair consignment percentage under most circumstances.

What is the average percentage for consignment?

How Much Do Consignment Shops Pay?
Most commonly the rate paid on clothing is between 40 and 60%. The split on furniture might be 50-70%.

How do I write a consignment agreement?

Part 2 Thinking About What Should be Included in a Consignment Contract

  • Determine the length of the consignment cycle….
  • Include an explanation of what will happen with any unsold items….
  • Determine the sale price of the item….
  • Set the percentage that each party will receive when the item sells….
  • Explain payment options.

  • How do consignment auctions work?

    Consignment refers to the agreement made between you and Absolute Auctions to sell your merchandise at our auction, after which we are paid a percentage of the sale price and you are paid the balance.

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