There are three major factories in Japan that produce seed beads : Miyuki, Toho and Matsuno. Miyuki & Toho beads are a bit more rounded, with large holes…. All Delicas are made by Miyuki, but not all beads from Miyuki are Delicas. Delicas are a different shape and substantially smaller than the same “size” seed beads. Sep 8, 2014

Are Toho beads good?

TOHO Bead Round Hybrid 8/0 Slate Bronze Picasso They are perfect for bead weaving or for use as spacers. The versatile 8/0 size is an excellent choice for peyote stitch projects, looming or even stringing. They are the perfect way to add small accents of beautiful color to your designs.

What are Delicas beads?

Delica beads are a specific type of seed beads that are perfectly cylindrical. They are modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes; they can be smooth or six-sided. Delicas are made by Miyuki of Japan using precise, computer-controlled machinery to create very high quality beads.

Miyuki Vs Toho Seed Beads (Comparison)

In this video from The Potomac Bead Company Allie compares the top two brands of seed beads in the world… Miyuki & Toho.

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