Sapphire is one of the two gem-varieties of corundum, the other being ruby (defined as corundum in a shade of red). Although blue is the best-known sapphire color, they occur in other colors, including gray and black, and they can be colorless.

What is a Kentucky Sapphire?

This sapphire from Kashmir has an intense velvety blue color…. Sapphire is one of the Big 3 of jewelry colored gemstones-the other two are ruby and emerald. A durable stone that’s designated as a birthstone for September, it captures jewelry buyers with its practicality and aura of romance.

Which color sapphire is the most expensive?

Which color of Sapphire gem is the most valuable ?
You will often hear that the rarest and most expensive sapphire is the pink-orange padparadscha from Sri Lanka. But while the padparadscha is extremely rare, the finest blue sapphires are the ones that receive the top prices at auction.

Royal Blue Or Cornflower Blue Sapphire?
Clarification And Understanding Color Of Sapphires

Royal blue or Cornflower Blue Sapphire?
Clarification and understanding color of sapphires There are lot of videos on youtube …

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