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What Is Trifari Jewelry?

by @ 4:50 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Costume Jewelry

Trifari introduced a very successful line which they called “Jewels by Trifari ” in 1938. A few years later, metals became scarce for manufacturing jewellery, due to the war, so Trifari used Sterling silver for many designs during this time.

Is Trifari jewelry valuable?

Trifari Costume Jewelry is made of materials that differ from fine colored gemstones, old pawn Indian jewelry, valuable pearls, etc. Trifari pieces use an array of materials like rhinestones, coral, enamel, jade, and colored stones set in metal settings.

Is Trifari jewelry valuable?

Any of these hallmarks should be appraised for authenticity. Common costume jewelry hallmarks include Sarah Coventry, AVON, & Trifari. These hallmarks indicate your jewelry is a piece of costume jewelry and is not very valuable. Tip: If your item looks antique and it doesn’t have a hallmark, get the item appraised. May 4, 2019

What is Marvella jewelry?

Marvella is a costume jewelry brand that was founded by Sol E. Weinreich, who began business in January, 1906 in New York, New York. They were bought by Trifari in 1982. It is now owned by the Monet Group, Inc…. Marvella created costume jewelry, many featuring simulated pearls and faceted beads.

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