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What Kind Of Earring Should You Use For Piercing?

by @ 4:37 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver

Besides surgical stainless steel, the safest options include platinum, titanium, and 14K gold. The key when choosing earrings is to ask which metals were used — and talk to your doctor about what might be safest. First, ask if your dermatologist or pediatrician does piercings.

Can you put any earring in your cartilage piercing?

Cartilage earrings come in a variety of styles. Earrings are available in many different materials such as sterling silver, surgical steal, yellow gold, white gold and titanium. In some cases, you can use any type of earring for the cartilage piercing, such as hoops and posts. Yet, earrings made for cartilage are generally more comfortable.

What do earrings feel like in your ear?

Lump in the earlobe is a typical result when it comes to piercing the ears. Bumps from piercing happen due to the sudden removal of skin when the needle punctures the skin to make a small hole for the earring. The punctured area tends to have a burning and achy sensation after the piercing.

Why do my earring holes Bleed?

If the amount of blood seems excessive to you, simply ice the piercing until it stops. When you do need to do something beyond standard care for a piercing, however, is when the bleeding is due to an infection…. If you’re certain your piercing isn’t bleeding due to infection, one of the reasons below might be the cause. Mar 3, 2016

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