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What Kind Of Solder To Use On Copper?

by @ 4:50 am on April 20, 2023. Filed under Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver

copper pipes used to carry the domestic water supply should be connected with non-lead solder joints, to avoid poisoning users, particularly children. Tin antimony is often used- an alloy which is near the lowest alloy melting point (called the Eutectic alloy) is preferred, because it goes quickly from liquid to solid…

Is there such a thing as copper solder?

This awesome copper solder is 7% phosporous (and 93% copper ), which makes it self-fluxing. It flows and melts around the same temperature as hard-grade silver solder, so you can easily solder links, small bezels, and other basic joins with a butane micro torch. 16-gauge copper wire link with 18-gauge copper solder.

What kind of torch should I use to solder large copper pipes?

The propane torch is the primary tool used to solder copper fittings (soldering copper pipe is also referred to as “sweating copper pipe”). Shown here is a typical torch that has just been lit with the pictured flint torch lighter (using this type of inexpensive lighter is safer and easier than using a match or butane lighter).

How do you solder copper to copper?

How to Solder Copper to Copper

  • Clean the outside end of the copper pipe with a piece of emery cloth until it is shiny bright….
  • Brush generous amounts of flux onto the end of the copper pipe, coating the entire circumference….
  • Insert the pipe into the fitting.

  • Can you solder copper without flux?

    Flux is a chemical which helps you solder. Flux prevents the copper from oxidizing as you heat the copper with the torch…. You can solder without flux, but it is really difficult! Flux is applied to both the pipe and the fitting with a handy miniature paint brush. Aug 9, 2005

    Can you solder copper to silver?

    When doing an overlay in copper and sterling silver, it may be easier to solder silver onto copper as you are practicing. Copper has a higher melting point (1,984F) than silver has at 1,640F. If you are soldering copper onto sterling silver, you may overheat the sterling and the copper will sink into it.

    Can I use silver solder on copper?

    Soldering with a propane torch is the easiest way to join copper and brass. You can even use solder to join copper or brass to stainless steel, you just need the proper flux…. If you must use a paste flux, use it sparingly. Use plumbing ( silver ) solder only.

    What Type Of Solder Should You Use.

    We go over the 3 main types of solder and which you should use for your application.

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