94% Thing you wear around your neck

  • Necklace- 43%
  • Lanyard- 2%
  • Collar- 8%
  • Scarf- 27%
  • Tie- 14%
  • Jul 8, 2015

    How do I choose a necklace chain length?


  • Measure your neck. Before purchasing a necklace, it’s wise to first measure the circumference of your neck….
  • Evaluate the length and width of your neck….
  • Choose a long chain to accentuate your collarbone….
  • Wear a shorter chain to emphasize your neck.

  • How do you wear a bib necklace?

    How to Wear a Bib Necklace

  • Be careful if you have a short neck. Bib necklaces take up a lot of real estate on your decolletage and they also sit up quite high on the neck….
  • Keep other accessories near your face simple. Bib necklaces can be busy and bold….
  • Simple necklines….
  • Outfit #1 With a strapless dress….
  • Outfit #2- To fill in a collared shirt.

  • How to dress with pearls?

    Ways to wear your pearls with this type of outfit include:

  • Wrapped several times around your neck to create a chunky choker-this works especially well…
  • Wrapped around the neck once, twisted, with the remainder hanging in a second tier.
  • Wrapped like a scarf around the neck-hold the necklace horizontally at the base of the neck,…
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