Bangkok is generally a safe city, but there are a few things to be aware of: In recent years, Bangkok has been the site of political protests that have occasionally turned violent; check your embassy’s advisory travel warnings before leaving.

What can you do in Bangkok in 3 days?

Day 2 in Bangkok

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market. What to do in Bangkok- Weekend Market….
  • Jim Thompson House. The gardens at the Jim Thompson House are just as beautiful as the museum….
  • Bangkok Art and Culture Center….
  • Erawan Shrine….
  • Neon Night Market….
  • Sukhumvit Soi 11….
  • Soi Cowboy.

  • Is Bangkok the media center of Thailand?

    Bangkok Convention Center is located at Bangkok in Thailand. The Hynes convention center is counted among the most famous venues in Thailand. It gets a chance to host some of the renowned international events every year linked to different industries.

    Is it safe to visit Bangkok Thailand?

    Bangkok is generally considered a safe city, especially compared to other tourist destinations in the region. But thieves and pickpockets will hide in plain sight in high-traffic areas and strike if you’re not paying attention. Be sure to secure all your valuables and remain vigilant when sightseeing.

    Where to find Thai designer fashion in Bangkok, Thailand?

    Using traditional Thai design and fabrics, the clothing you will find in Bangkok, you won’t find anywhere else. Look especially for clothing by AB-Normal, Anurak, Greyhound and Headquarter- some of today’s top Bangkok design houses.

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