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What Were The Two Main Social Classes In Ancient Roman Society?

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Roman society was composed of two groups and they were the Plebians and the Patricians. Plebians consisted of the members of the people belonging to the lower social classes and Patricians were people that belonged to the aristrocrat or noble society. These were the main differentiating factor among the groups. I hope it helps you.

Why were social classes important in ancient Rome?

Answer Wiki. Social classes were important in ancient Rome because they created a distinction between had power and who didn’t. Following is a brief explanation of each stage: The Senate- The Senate had more power than any of the other classes, and can be broken down into several subsections…
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What was ancient Greece society like?

Like any other Society in Ancient Greece, Athenian Society consisted of a distinction between men, women, children, and slaves, and a separation of families into classes and levels of wealth along with their respective deme which included people of various geographical locations within Athens.

What were the social classes in the Victorian era?

During the Victorian Era, the social class system of that time rigidly defined the role of women. There were four main classes that the women were divided into they were: gentry, middle class, upper working class, and the lower working class.

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