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Where Do THC Crystals Come From?

by @ 5:21 am on November 11, 2020. Filed under Q&A

THC only comes from very specific portions of the female cannabis plant, or marijuana crop. It is present primarily on the resinous flowers of the plant, mostly the sugar leaves, colas, buds, calyxes/bracts and trichomes.

How to identify stones and crystals?

How to Identify Crystals- Method 1 Identifying Crystals by Colour

  • Examine the colour and compare it to crystals in an identification book.
  • Compare a green stone to a sapphire or emerald.
  • Consider whether your purple crystal is an amethyst or a charoite.
  • Check if your yellow or gold crystal is a golden topaz or citrine.
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    Crystalline Isolate is an extremely pure form of cannabinoid that is extracted using CO2 or butane/propane. Available in both …

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